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There are times in our lives when we realize we are stuck.  It could be in our personal life or in our business or career.  It could be because of grief from the past or painful relationships in the present.  

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I Can Help You MoveForward
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What is currently keeping you stuck?

Is your business or career at a standstill?  Is your marriage mediocre or in a painful place? Are you overwhelmed with grief? Do you desire emotional or physical healing?  Are you avoiding tough decisions? Do you want to do more and dream bigger?

  What if LIFE coaching is your path to freedom, healing & transformation?

10 Easy Ways to Recharge

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One of the ways out of being stuck is with Self-Care.  The better we take care of ourselves; the more we are able to manage our emotions, make better choices and successfully connect with others both at home and at work!

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If you are ready for mindset work, ready for growth and ready to invest in yourself; then hiring a life coach is the perfect place to start!  

coaching for Teachers


As teachers getting to know your students on a personal level is one of the most important things we can do to establish connection, trust and effective classroom management.  Learning how to recognize students innate personality types will help you quickly recognize strengths & weaknesses and how to best motivate and manage your classroom effectively.    "Personality Types in the Classroom" is a powerful program for teachers and schools.  It provides mindset shifts that set teachers and students up for success in school and in life.  This program helps educators and administrators build the "Know, Like and Trust" factor in their classrooms and school communities. 

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what ann's clients are saying:

"Those around me say I seem happier & more at peace."

 "Working with Ann has produced remarkably positive changes in my life.  Being able to work passed past difficulties can only be described as truly liberating.  Ann's patient and loving demeanor throughout the coaching process has helped me feel incredibly hopeful about my future.  Ann has helped produce clear goals and empowered me to take concrete steps to reach those goals."

Meet Ann Kimura

your future coach

 Certified Faith Based Life Coach,
 Mom of 3, Veteran Educator and
Grief Recovery Specialist.  Ann has helped  scores of individuals, get unstuck, make powerful mindset shifts & heal emotionally. This has led to increased confidence, improved relationships and life-changing shifts in priorities.   Ann helps individuals move forward and level up while creating 
 more joy, peace, and  purpose.

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