How Do You Make a Dream Come True?

Hi there! In case you hadn’t heard, I want to share something huge that just happened to me.

 I came back 3 weeks ago from a dream vacation in Italy! 

This vacation was 35 years in the making (it was in my heart for that long)!

It started when several of my high school friends were gifted trips to Europe when we graduated from high school.

 I had wished that I could go with them.  I had never been to Europe and had always wanted to go. 

The crazy thing is this desire recently resurfaced in a big way.

 And even crazier is, 

I went from expressing my desire to my own life coach during a coaching session,  

to making a decision

to getting help with a plan (I joined a tour group)

 to my trip

within a 3 week period! 


So, how did this happen?  Well, let’s just say it was WHO not HOW.

My coach gave me a safe space to talk about all the reasons I had never gone and asked me a couple of pivotal and powerful questions that got me to a place where I found new thoughts that led to increased confidence and the ability to make clear choices which led to my decision.

 I am so grateful to my one on one life coach for helping me get to that place!

 I’m also grateful to God for reminding me that anything is possible and that when we are alone, we are really not alone.  

And lastly, I’m thankful to myself for finally getting to a place where I said yes to my dream! 

I had an absolutely amazing adventure in 6 different Italian towns, made new friends and learned so much along the way.   I’m grateful for many great memories I can share and beautiful photos to remember this milestone for the rest of my life!

Do you have a dream vacation you’ve had in your heart for years? 

I’m thinking there are probably a lot of women, like myself, who have been holding onto at least one dream for a very long time.

 There are various reasons why you may have never made your dream happen and these are definitely worth exploring. Investigating this may reveal hidden things and lead to breakthroughs that will propel you forward.

 The excitement , freedom and adventure I experienced in Italy was so next level that I’m inspired to help many more women experience this in their own lives. 

If you have a dream. Start by writing about it in a journal.  Then choose a trusted friend and share your dream with him or her.  And when you’re ready to take it to the next level and work on eliminating all the barriers (mental, physical and spiritual) that have been holding you back from your dream; I’m here to help!

Comment below “I have a dream too” and if you feel led –please share it with us!