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Are you a Teacher?

Whether you are a Veteran Educator, a First-Year Teacher or a Homeschool mom; it always helps to have support and someone on your side.  Teaching can be rewarding but also overwhelming and exhausting. Mindset is key.

When a student acts with indifference or disrespect, the ability to manage your thoughts, feelings and responses is pivotal.

There is a solution

As an educator your confidence and ability to successfully manage your classroom starts in your mind.  Working together with Ann will help you find any limiting thoughts or long-held beliefs getting in the way.

How it Works







Your thoughts create your feelings.  Which means  learning to manage your thoughts gives you power over your emotions.

Your feelings lead to your actions or your inaction.  Our actions are fueled by our feelings.

Your actions produce your current results.  You are not only responsible for your results but you have the power to create new results and I will help you do just that!

Cristi-after only 6 sessions

"I knew I wanted a Christ follower."

"The encouragement that Ann has given me in my purpose that God has put in front of me, even though still daunting to me, has given me a boldness that I am qualified through Him to do what he has called me to do."

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One on One Coaching

Most Educators began their career with a heart to serve and make a positive impact.  But they also have families and lives outside the classroom where they desire deep connection.  These two worlds impact each other. Working one on one each week with Ann will help you re-prioritize, redesign and confidently pursue your dreams!

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The Solution Session

Sometimes we feel like we just need help with one thing.  That one student who "drives us crazy".  That one colleague you think is "crazy".  Or that one parent or administrator who just doesn't get it!   If you want to get to a solution or resolution like yesterday! Then click below to book your one hour one-off coaching session with Ann.

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starting at $200 a month

The Editing Room

This is a Group Coaching Program and Mastermind.  Meeting twice a month for 90 minutes.  Recordings are available.  Includes a private Facebook group with helpful resources as well as a place to connect & "mastermind" with other educators.  Members also are encouraged to post or email Ann directly with  specific coaching questions.   Get answers every week from Ann while sharing and finding solutions with other teachers.

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"Ann gave me a new perspective."

We think we can handle it all... but sometimes in life, we need others to help us walk through the tough times.  It was refreshing to have Ann there encouraging me.  Ann gave me a new perspective.  She helped me reframe negative thoughts into something positive with which I could function more optimally.

Let's Work Together

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The first step is scheduling your 75 minute Complimentary Consultation.  This Discovery Call is where we explore where you are now & where you want to be.  I explain how life coaching can help you get there and then YOU DECIDE if you are ready to move forward.

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