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Ann believes every woman is multi-faceted, beautiful and uniquely created.  Women are powerful life-givers.   They are created and designed to create lives that are full of beauty, passion and meaning.  Women also need other women for guidance, wisdom and encouragement.  Ann's calling is to come alongside women who want to love their family well while building businesses, careers and lives that bring them joy, leave a lasting legacy and stand firm as strong examples of faith in the midst of darkness.

You have a dream but something is stopping you.

Ann Coaches you to your own unique solution!

There are a myriad of problems, situations and circumstances that women face on a daily basis.  You were uniquely created for such a time as this.  You are capable, you are strong and you are human!  As women we cannot keeping pouring into others and not refill our mental, emotional and spiritual tanks.  Coaching sessions with Ann are a place of healing, a place to refuel and a space uniquely designed to help you pursue your goals and dreams with support and accountability.

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Your thoughts create your feelings.   Ann teaches you how to find your  limiting or unhelpful thoughts. 

Your feelings lead to your actions or inaction.  Ann helps you recognize, give space for and process your feelings both present and past during your sessions together.

Your actions, reactions, or inaction lead to your current results.  Ann helps you decide, plan & move forward with new actions and ways of responding  that lead to the results you desire.


"Coaching with Ann served me in SO many ways"

Coaching with Ann served me in SO many ways, but especially with giving me clarity on problems that I felt were overwhelming. She really helped me to look at those problems from a different perspective, which allowed me to think differently as well as simplifyng the problem. What I felt were huge giants in front of me, actually were different ways I could view those giants to then move forward in a positive, more peaceful way!

starting at $400 a month

One on One Coaching

Weekly one hour private coaching sessions will help you achieve your goals quicker than doing it alone or in a group.  You will choose a time that works for you each week and have a special hour  where you can discuss things that are on your heart and mind.  Ann will help you find the one thing that might be getting in the way in any circumstance you bring to the table and then she will guide you to a mindset shift that will help you move forward confidently.

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starting at $120

The Solution Session

This is a "One-off" session.  Sometimes we just need help right now with one situation, relationship or circumstance. It is that time where you feel like "it's the end of the world" or you are full of regret or insecurity because of something that happened at home, at work or in your business.  You just want a solution NOW!  This is for women who aren't currently my weekly clients and just want help during one 1 hour session.  I would love to help you go from heavy to light or stuck to unstuck!  

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"Someone that can help get your business back on track!"

I highly recommend Ann Kimura as a Life Coach and someone that can help get your business back on track! She helped me realize my own personal potential.  Ann is a great listener and has wonderful follow up with her coaching summary.  I look forward to working with her further and growing even more! 

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If you know you want life change and you are ready to dedicate at least one hour a week to your personal development. Then let's hop on a 75 minute Discovery Call and get started! Click the link below to book your initial complimentary consultation!

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