Are you Giving Yourself Enough Time?

As parents we sign our kids up for martial arts classes and we envision them
becoming a black belt someday. But we don’t expect them to accomplish that in
one year or even 2 years. We give them time.

We might sign up another child for piano lessons and envision them playing a
classical piece in front of our whole family at a recital. But we don’t expect them
to become Mozart overnight. We give them time.

When we plant a small fig tree in our backyard. We envision it bearing us a whole
bunch of delicious figs one day. But we don’t expect that to happen in 1 year or
even 3 years. We plant, protect and water it. And we give it time.

When it comes to life change and transformation, whether it be in your business,
marriage, fitness or your own personal inner transformation.

Are you giving it enough time? Or do you find yourself rushing it? Cutting it off
midstream? Or throwing your hands up in the air and giving up altogether?

Quick fixes usually produce short-term results.
Quick weight-loss –short-term
Quick Cash –short-term
Quick Purchase –short-term
Quick Sugar Fix–short-term
What if all the glorious, life-changing, long-lasting results take time?

What if those results take more time than you have given them thus far?

What if you didn’t fail –you just didn’t give it enough time?

What came to mind when you read that last question?

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