What Would Make it a 10 For You?

OK –I’m having some mind blowing thoughts
When we talk about scales –like “on a scale from 1 to 10 …10 being
What does 10 mean to you?
How many of you think (or are tempted to think) that “10” has to mean
I remember during the super model days; people describing models like
Bo Derek, Cindy Crawford or Christy Turlington as “10’s”. Basically
calling them “perfect”.
But let’s consider the sport of Boxing
Judges score on a 10 point scale.
Although here it is usually the boxer who “did better” who scores the
10 and wins the round and the other fighter scores a 9 unless they were
knocked down with a standing count and then they score an 8.
So, what if you, scoring a 10 in any one area of your life this year
–doesn’t mean that area is now perfect?
What if it means you did better than at the beginning of this year?
Or did better than that other fighter (the other fighter is you last year)?
What if it means you improved in that area so much that it may almost
look like night and day —and yet it’s still not “perfect”?
What if your “10” means you didn’t get knocked down like last year?
Getting knocked down is painful and the people counting you out and
your thoughts about what they say can definitely add to that pain.
So, having a year where you don’t get knocked down. Is huge!!!!
It can definitely be considered a “10”— if you want it to be.

During my initial no cost consultation with a potential client I almost
always uses a 1-10 scale to explore 6 main areas of life. First, I listen as
they tell me about why they came to the call initially. But then we zoom
out together to get the “big picture” of where they are in each area of
their life and where they want to be —I ask them, regarding each area,
“What would make it a ten?”.
The good news is that the “10” doesn’t have to mean perfection.
It can mean progress or achieving the specific goal they set out to
It can mean something they will enjoy more of, be proud of, find
satisfaction in, feel accomplished or feel successful because they finally
achieved it.
When it comes to life
Your family can be a 10 –and not be perfect
Your business can be a 10 –and not be perfect
Your relationship with God can be a 10 –and not be perfect
Your bank account can be a 10 –and not be perfect
Your physical health can be a 10 – and not be perfect
What If perfection is WAY overrated!
What if a “10” is more possible than you think?
And what if getting coached once a week for the next 6 months can get
you to a “10” in those areas of life where you are feeling frustrated,
disappointed or hopeless?
If you are ready for your “10” moment! Let’s do this!

Comment below “interested” and I’ll reach out to set up a
complimentary consultation.